Sunday 26 February – Yangon to Singapore

pictures-yangon-myanmar[1]We lost a bunch of keys including the house key, probably at Panda, so we are hoping the planted key is in situ when we get home at midnight. We will spend Rachel’s birthday en route.

We asked the airport bound taxi driver to call in to Panda on the way but there was no sign of the keys. Bugger!

Nothing untoward happened on our trip home. All connections worked. The luggage checked in at Yangon Airport arrived in Auckland OK. The airport hotel at Changi was great. The 9 1/2 hour trip from Singapore was more of a nightmare than usual because it was daytime and not appropriate for doping. And I couldn’t hear the audio adequately to be able to enjoy the movies.

The biosecurity man who inspected my riding sandals advised me that they’d reached the end of their life, but I’m not sure – they may live to do another cycling holiday, but they were not a biosecurity risk, although they did take a battering, like the bike because of the roads. The planted key was in situ. The Herald and mail were not delivered and restarted when requested. The freezer was still working, although several power points didn’t because of the fuse being turned off when Rachel encountered problems with the spa bath. No messages on the answer phone. In short, no disasters awaited us and we hit he sack at about 2.30. I couldn’t sleep so I got up at 3 am and hung two loads of washing out before falling asleep on Myanmar time. Greg had to go to work for Cornerstone the next morning and so the Myanmar adventure was officially over!

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