Thursday 23 February – Bagan

Today was a temple crawl by bike – 5 temples each with its own story of past patricide, fratricide  and general mayhem that has occurred over many centuries to gain or retain power and the temples were built to ensure each despot was immortalised in history. The area is amazing, the multitude of brick pagodas being much more attractive than the ones we have seen elsewhere. Saw plenty of merchandisers employing the usual sales techniques, around these touristy areas and lots of westerners on motorcycles or ‘e bikes.’ Another Pokhara?

Temperatures were expected to reach 37 today – it felt like it and we were happy to have a dip and laze around the resort’s swimming pool after lunch trying to guess what nationalities belonged to the assortment of bodies we observed. Some westerners have no shame, exposing views of themselves which they shouldn’t.

We said farewell to the faithful steeds as they are readied for the next group of suckers intrepid cyclists!
We feel pleased that none of us suffered any bike mishaps although Jess fell over on a run!

As sunset approached, we were picked up and ferried to one of the temples where all tourists congregate to view the spectacular sunsets. The is temple is chosen because there is plenty of room for the masses at various levels. Judging by its popularity it must be mentioned in Lonely Planet as a ‘must-do in Bagan’. And it was indeed spectacular if hazy, but it took ages after sunset for the assembled masses to descend the narrow and steep stairway – not for those afraid of heights or narrow spaces.

At the last supper with Mr Winn and Jaw, we handed over the generous, but expected tip.



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