Sunday 19 February – Mandalay


We were getting quite tired with the heat and the kilometres, and were grateful for a slightly later start and short day.

Today’s 20 km tide took us around the city of Mandalay on a public holiday, to a huge carved wooden temple (like Bhaktapur, Nepal) and another series of stupas each with one of the Buddhist writings inscribed in the Burmese equivalent of Latin. No more temples or stupas please!

The adventure of the day finished with a sedate ride through villages on the outskirts of Mandalay on rather pitted, dusty roads, which would never be seen by proper ‘tourists’ – those in buses – we intrepid cyclists set ourselves apart from these guys, and a large snack of Indian chai and naan bread before returning to the hotel for an afternoon ‘off’, a chance for us to just relax, read, write blogs and poems, review photos and listen to Simon and Garfunkel on YouTube via the hotel Wi-fi. Others in the group are on sightseeing or running benders!

Actually we are getting on very well with the other three. There’s always lots to talk about as they are great travellers and opinionated about politics, Trump, Brexit, the evils of procreation, and alcohol.

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