Gmunden to Salzburg Wednesday 16 July


It’s a 100 km ride today and I have planned get-off-the-bike-and-ride-in-the-van plans for some of it.

Spectacular lake and mountain scenery as we rode nearly all the way around Lake Traunsee on cycle paths, then wended our not yet weary way following the river inland and past more lakes. Europeans are on holiday and we discovered some of them in very well appointed camping grounds on the lake shore with the usual beach paraphernalia we are so accustomed to. At a picturesque spot …….well everything is picturesque here where you have the combination of mountains and lakes and colourful Austrian steep sloped two storeyed flower bedecked houses, we had a picnic lunch.

In the heat of the day – 30 ‘ish? with a couple if tough hills promised, I travelled the next 13 km in the van before joining the group as we descended wonderfully into Salzburg, riding on bike lanes/paths the whole way except for a few brief forays on to the road itself. There are lots of cyclists around, but we create quite a spectacle with many of us in our yellow Pedaltours shirts ( a host of golden daffodils…..) – about 88 km for me today. Crossed the city to our hotel on a very busy central city road before our last dinner together as a group with certificates of completion and tips for the guides being presented.
My total km pedalled 542, the full distance 625.

The meals together have been a wonderful part of this tour and we all got on well as a group – 3 guides/driver, Richard Oddy the founder of the company, 10 NZ’ers, 4 Americans, 2 Australian blokes, 4 Canadians – most have done Pedaltours before which is an affirmation for the company. For some, including us at times, the brevity of our stay in these spectacular towns and superior accommodation, is a negative, but at least I did not get the opportunity to thrash the cash card which in some towns I would have loved.

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