Steyr to Gmunden Tuesday 15 July


Today’s ride took us mostly on cycle paths which abound in this part if Austria along riverbanks, through woodlands and picturesque small villages with mountains starting to loom large and picture book Austrian houses. Did 67 km while most of the group did 100 – I was extremely glad to have flagged away a hilly 30 km in the middle, which ensured the day remained enjoyable and no sign of a migraine so the wide decisions about not overdoing it are paying off. Usually we have lunch at a cafe or restaurant but today’s lunch was a picnic which everybody loved…picnics are so common to us but not so to others in the group.

This town of Gmunden is very similar to Queenstown and our room in the historical Hotel Schwan overlooks Lake Traunsee which is surrounded by mountains. Beeootiful. Skyped Rachel – that was good too as we haven’t talked to her for some weeks.

Then it was dinner, briefing on tomorrow’s long ride, and bed. We feel we are doing some of these amazing places once over lightly but that is the nature of cycle touring.

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