Auckland to Lisbon via Dubai Sunday 29 to Monday 30 June 2014


Tally for our trouble:

1 blood nose
1 broken finger nail
1 cracked forefinger
3 extra searches on top of basic search
1 lost but miraculously found earring
1 bout of diarrhoea…..make that 2!
1 migraine
2 dinners
2 breakfasts
1 lunch
2 stopovers – Sydney and Dubai
1 nearly trashed but vital boarding pass
26 hours in the plane
4 very fat ankles – cankles in the vernacular?
2 weary travellers

Another exciting adventure – yay! Europe June-July 2014


Only 2 sleeps to go and the excitement is mounting. For me Marion, work is behind me for 3 1/2 glorious weeks, suitcases are out waiting to be filled, contents of fridge waiting to be eaten over the next couple of days, nails to be shellacked (is this a neologism?)and several ‘last time before we go’ activities completed. Then there’s the research about temperatures we will encounter. The before journey challenges of deciding what to take, what to leave behind are still to be faced and will go on until we hear the taxi to the airport outside, all the time knowing that some decisions will be wrong, even before we make them!